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  Curtain Motor
RA40 actuator is the newly-designed curtain motor with the concise design and silence. It can be controlled by multiple methods (for example, manual one-touch, wireless, or group control) and is also adaptable for different kinds curtain application.

Adapted to input 100~240 V AC.
24 V DC motor.
Performance 1.2 Nm/2.0 Nm with rated speed112 rpm and linear speed 0.16 m/s.
Designed with super-low noise.
One-touch: the curtain motor can run when pulling the curtain gently.
Intermediate position: two intermediate positions can be set as stop points.
Built-in intelligent inspectionGCan detect the length of the track and set the limit automatically.
Stop on block: When the passage of the track is blocked, the curtain motor automatically pauses, protecting the fabric and motor itself.
Manual activationGWhen the black-out happens, it is still allow pulling the curtain manually.
Intelligent limit recover: Built-in limit inspection and recovery program ensures the precision of the limits and avoids the damage to the motor due to erroneous operation.
Applicable to the straight and curved tracks.
Suitable to single motor single track in one-way, single motor single track in two-way, double motor single track in one-way, double motor single track in two-way, double motor double track in two-way.
Ingress protection IP41.
Color: Silver.

Compatible to straight and curved tracks with various lengths.
Can be integrated into smart home automation for timing.
For unit control or group control.
Various types of control methods such as hand remote or wall switch (one-to-one or one-to- multiple).
Color: rose gold.