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  1. How to select stroke length and fitting dimension?
  According to the requirements of install location and stroke range, select the most appropriate fitting dimension and stroke length.
2. How to decide load and speed?
Consider using condition, compare linear actuators’ specifications then select the most appropriate linear actuators.
3. How to confirm the use condition?
Confirm the Duty Cycle is supposed to be lower 10%; it would reduce use life if the Duty Cycle was too huge. Check if there are any side force and other impacts; avoid these kinds of affects when using linear actuators.
4. What is Duty Cycle? Does it have any relation with linear actuator?
Duty Cycle = continuous use time/ (continuous use time + nonuse time)
For example: Duty Cycle = 10% = 6min/ (6min+54min)
The use life of linear actuators will be reduced when the Duty Cycle is more than 10%.
5. What is Holding Force? Is it related to select linear actuator?
Holding Force: The force can stop heavy matter going down when linear actuators stop moving.
6. How to select control box?
Select the most appropriate control boxes by linear actuators’ specifications and other options, such as number of channels, limited switches and handsets.
7. How to select control box when I use Linkan Asia linear actuators?
According to max. load and current of linear actuators.
8. Can you use linear actuator when it is over load?
No. Linear actuators won’t move or will be easily broken.
9. Can I have synchronism function if I use more than 2 linear actuators simultaneously?
Standards can only move together because the PRM is not accurate enough. However, you can select the linear actuators, which have reed switch function, to have synchronism function.
10. Can Linkan Asia CB02 and CB16 control box control more than 2 linear actuators simultaneously?
11. Would it have any effect to linear actuators if the positive and negative pole were opposite?
Yes. Linkan Asia linear actuators use DC motors so the stroke direction will be incorrect.
12. How to control the limited stroke length of linear actuators?
Depends on linear actuators’ types. There are 3 general ways to control: interior limited switch, exterior limited switch, and MOL.
13. Can I use linear actuators if they don’t have limited switch?
Yes. However, it must be controlled by control boxes’ MOL. Suggest using Linkan Asia products because they might be broken if no appropriate control.
14. Can Linkan Asia offer the linear actuators when I need the longer stroke length than those showed on Linkan Asia category?
Yes. However, it should be considered linear actuators’ load and strength.
15. Can I adjust the linear actuators’ stroke length at will?
No. Please contact our technical department if it is necessary.

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